Małgorzata Lipska



2015 – The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, Poland
theatre studies – B.A. degree
(B.A. thesis: “Saddam Hussein – A Mystery Play” by Yonatan Levy: The Play And Its Première Staging)

since 2012 – University of Warsaw, Poland
Oriental literature – PhD studies

2012 – University of Warsaw, Poland
Hebrew studies – M.A. degree
(M.A. thesis: An Unmodernized Classic: The Staging Concept of Malenki Theatre from Tel Aviv)

2011 – Hebrew Studies Center of Tel Aviv University, Israel
Hebrew language proficiency certificate (so-called ‘ptor’)

2010–2011 – Tel Aviv University, Israel
theatre studies – scholarship of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2008 – Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, Poland
multicultural education – B.A. degree
(B.A. thesis: Jewish Youth Between Integrism And Openness on the Example of the ‘Memory Trips’ in Poland)


Małgorzata Lipska